Do Male Cats Have Nipples? (Cat Gender Guide)

While it may not be a common prevailing question among most people in general, if you are trying to determine the sex of your new kitty, it likely has crossed your mind: Do male cats have nipples? Alternatively, if I see or find nipples on my cat’s tummy, does this mean the cat is female?

Before you start picking out a name such as “Princess” for your fluffy friend, there are some important facts to learn about the sex of your little fur baby.

Do Male Cats Have Nipples

All Mammals Come With Nipples

The answer is yes - male cats do indeed have nipples. With that said, don't believe what you hear from certain movies you may have seen. You cannot milk anything with nipples!

You may have noticed that male humans also have nipples. In fact, all mammals, whether male or female, have them. The difference is that in males, they have no function. Why is this?